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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Did you smell that?

  As I lean against the washing machine and stare out the window at the pure white snow on the ground outside, I notice an amazing aroma in the air this morning.  I can confirm that although the white cake with blue frosting that my two year old and I baked at 7:00 this morning smells delicious, this is not the smell that is radiating through the house.
   As I try to put a name to this amazing smell, my mind begins to wonder.  It's amazing how a smell can do that...how it can take you to a memory, a place you once were, a moment of joy or possibly a moment of pain and sadness.  Today, this is a good smell.  I am immediately full of excitement and contentment as I struggle to place this familiar yet distant scent. 
   At first my mind wonders to the beach...to a wooden deck overlooking the ocean and in my lap I find a Nicholas Sparks book waiting to be torn open and ready to rip apart my emotional stability.  However, I quickly realize that at least three times a day my mind wonders to this exact place, and I realize that the pleasant aroma is irrelevant to my desire to go to the beach.
   I soon find my thoughts anchored in our back yard.  I can feel my two year old sitting on my lap as we swing forward and back, fighting over who is going to reach the moon first.  Beside me is Lexi, our five year old, certain that her mother and sister have gone mad, arguing not only over who will reach the moon first, but who has the legal rights of ownership to the moon (it's mine by the way, my father gave it to me long before my girls were born).  I can feel the wind blowing in my face, mixed with the extremely thin white hair of Genevieve as she continues to joyfully squeal from my lap as we continue forward and back in the spring breeze.
   Just as quickly as a swing moves forward and back, my mind wonders yet again...this time I find myself in silence.  I am by myself, in a field of green, surrounded by water, sand, and the occasional hum of a golf cart.  The sun is beating on my face as I take a moment to admire my super-cute plaid golf attire.  I set my feet...purposely avoid a practice swing (they just psych me out anyway), and envision myself following through with a perfect swing, watching my pastel pink golf ball soar through the air, landing with a single thud in the middle of the fairway!  This aroma may just signify the perfect summer day on the golf course.
   Again, reality hits and I am back at the washing machine still perplexed by the pleasant and overwhelming aroma that has made my mind drift to three of my absolute favorite places in this world.  What a powerful scent this is and I am thrilled to have had a moment or two to escape the dreaded cold of the winter.  It's time I return  to the chores of the day, so I return the box of drier sheets that have been in my hand to the shelf above, only to notice that they are "Spring Meadow" scented.  I guess that explains it all...I never would have thought that one of my most dreaded household chores would lead to one of the nicest three minute distractions of the day.  I guess I owe a big "Thank You" to Downy.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

   It's been well over a year since I have shared my every day ramblings with the Internet world.  Although it is inappropriate to place blame on anyone but myself, I would like to make it known throughout the world wide web (does anyone even call it that anymore?) that there are three people to blame!
   First, I would like to blame my  husband.  The darling man that I have promised to love, honor, and cherish all the days of my life simply made one itty-bitty statement about my ramblings that lead to an 18 month drought of creativity.  Actually, that may be over-dramatizing on my part.  I did not experience a drought of creativity, just the ability to actually spell it out in blog-format.
   I can't place all of the blame on him, although as a wife, it is very simple to do!  The second and third people I need to place blame on are the two beautiful little ladies that have weaseled their way into my every thought, plan, and action!  For some reason, I have found it  difficult to find the time to sit down and actually do anything on the computer other than look at Pinterest.  It appears as though the powers once granted to me as a modern day superwoman, may have been weakened by the kryptonite that is a five year old and two year old!  These days, sleep seems to be a better choice for this tired mama, than a date with my lap-top!
   Needless to say, I have missed my love-affair with writing, and hope to get back to it!  Rambling every day is something that I do so very well, however, typing those ramblings everyday may be slightly unrealistic.  Luckily my vocational status as a mental health professional has made it very easy for my to hold myself accountable for my actions...or lack there of!
   So I hope to see you all again from time to time, to share the joys of every day life with other modern day super women!  Those of us juggling the never ending duties of mother, wife, and career.  I'm getting pretty good at juggling the three...it's when you throw in that fourth "sanity" ball, that the juggling becomes more difficult!
   So jump to my next post...for a festive kick-off to the holiday season!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

   In honor of Mother's Day I thought that I would treat myself to a new pair of shoes.  For weeks I have been staring at the feet of the women around me.  So, if you are a woman that I encounter on a daily basis, I highly suggest that you ensure your feet and toes are well manicured because I have been examining your shoes.  This means break out the ped-eggs, hoof cream, and nail polish if you want to remain nameless in my daily ramblings!
   Anyhoo...as an avid lover of flip-flops I have come to realize that I lack professionally appropriate footwear for my massively large feet.  I own two pair of business attire open toed shoes and am desperately in need of others.  As I gaze around at the feet that step in and out of my daily happenings I have come to find that I LOVE the summer-style wedged shoe look.  For some reason I have avoided these in the past and have never really found them to be all that attractive.  I'm assuming that the styles of them have evolved over the years and that producer's of shoes have creatively found a way to brain wash American women into believing that walking around on a two pound wedge of wood is not only physically attractive but is also good for our posture and overall podiatric comfort.  (Is podiatric even a word or did I just make it up?)  Never the less, I have fallen into the trap and thought that if I was to treat myself to a new pair of shoes, this was the weekend.
   So I joyfully slipped into my super-comfy foam Target-special flip-flops and made my way to "real" department stores that sold "real" shoes, rather than my normal $10 dollar steals.  I waded through racks of heels, butt-toning soles, and wedges only to find that 90 % of them had straps that wrapped around your ankles.  Now, if there are two things my lower extremities do not like, it is having my toes suffocated by leather or my unbelievable large ankle bones strangled by a strap.  I started wondering if I missed this little detail as I stalked the feet of those who passed by me or if their ankles were simply covered by pant legs.  After about 45 depressing minutes of shoe searching I finally found a pair worthy of trying on.  This Union Bay wedge was ADORABLE!  It was lacking the tight, pulse stopping, feet numbing ankle strap and only lifted my 5'8" frame up an additional 2 inches.  My heart fluttered with excitement when I finally handed the floor display to the clerk and asked for my size.  I was finally going to be "hip" in the footwear department and would probably walk a little taller knowing that, if nothing else, my feet would be cute when I returned to work on Monday.  As I waited anxiously for the clerk to return I glanced around to ensure that there were no other pairs for me to try on.  Nope...I had found the only non-strangling wedge in the entire store and was sure it was a match made in Heaven.  Finally the clerk returned with my anticipated box...I sat down, slipped my foot into the sophisticated, yet fun beachy-styled wedge and joyfully jumped to attention in front of the mirror.  I felt taller, I felt cuter, and best of all, my toes could breathe as they stuck out from under my pant leg.  I never thought to check the price-tag, but it didn't matter because I knew these shoes would be it.  Finally, the last examination was to occur...a simple lift of my pant leg and I would see how cute these shoes would be with a skirt...one...two...three...and...
   Needless to say, with the lift of my over-sized denim pant leg I realized why I had never tried a wedged shoe on before.  When your feet are a size ten...even the cutest pair of wedged shoes look like a 2x4 strapped to your foot.  Looks like I'll go back to Target and fine a sparkly pair of flip-flops again this year.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Did you hear that?

  So I am wandering through my house today, attempting to avoid the unbelievable mess that has accumulated while I "try" to organize the mounds of toys my spoiled daughters have, when I heard something echo down the hall.  I couldn't quite place what the sound was but I was quite certain that I had heard it before.  I stepped over a pile of shoes that had been stacked at the bottom of the stairs and strained to listen once more.  The only noise I heard was that of my darling Lexi yelling at her baby sister.  It appears as though Genevieve was looking at a picture Lexi was drawing, which was not an approved behavior according to big sister Lexi.  I was in the middle of explaining to Lexi that her baby sister was only one year old and didn't understand Lexi's self-imposed rules.  As I began to remind Lexi of how big sisters are supposed to help their little sisters, I realized that I had heard the noise again.  I stopped talking and quickly looked around.  Sure enough, there was nothing to be seen, nothing but crazy Meatball, our sweet Pekingese, staring blankly up at me.  As I went back to weeping over my messy house I couldn't shake the feeling that I had heard the noise before, the feeling that I should know what it was.  Just as I felt I may remember, my concentration was broken by the slam of a door and the wail of Genevieve.
   "Unlock this door!" I yelled to Lexi, "you don't want us to take it off again!"  Lexi was in her room, and so was Genevieve, and the doorknob was locked!  I patiently knocked on the door, sweetly explaining to Lexi why the door needed to stay open while Genevieve continued to pound back on the door crying at the top of her lungs.  My attempts of peace were met unsuccessfully with more tears from Genna and a lack of care from Lexi.  As I walked back to my room to get the spare key, I found myself raising my voice, dictating every move I was making in hopes of talking Lexi into following my demand to open the door.  No chance!  I could hear Lexi through the locked door, starting to sing a song she had learned at preschool.  "Alexis!  Alexis, I need you to open this door...if I have to unlock it, you will go straight to bed without cartoons!  Okay...I'm going to get the key...one...two..." There it was again...I heard the familiar noise again echo down the hall that I was beginning to make a commotion in.  As I turned quickly to see what was there, I caught a glimpse of myself in a hallway picture frame.  There it was...the sound I had heard so many times before had finally made it to my own home!  The familiar sound that both sent shivers down my spine and warmth in my heart was the sound of my mother's voice...coming from my mouth! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Woo Hoo...New and Improved Blog Post #1

  So...I work with children!  I work one-on-one with children in the school setting, however it is both a blessing and a curse that all children seem to latch on to me like leaches!  Needless to say, your kids tell me everything about your life!  They often repeat things that you say, usually inaccurately, and profess the most intimate details of your life to the adults they encounter at school!
   I want you to understand that I am sharing these things with you in hopes of helping your improve your social relationships!  I hope you will see these little tidbits as they really are...opportunities to learn from your mistakes!  Maybe you can envision your own child telling other adults the statements and stories that I will share over the lifetime of this blog and you will realize that maybe you shouldn't have named your dog "Meatball" and then expected your toddler to enjoy her dinner the first time you tell her she is having spaghetti and meatballs.  (True story by the way...when Lexi had her first plate of spaghetti and meatballs she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said, "But I lub Meatbaw!").

    So...what do your kids tell the rest of the world when you aren't around?  Here is real life example number one!

   I was working in a preschool when an adorable little red-headed boy looks up at me and says, "Miss Jess...do you want to spend the night?"  He proceeded to inform me that his dad could use a wife and that their couch was very comfortable if I wanted to spend the night.  His dad would even make me macaroni and cheese from a box if I asked him.  Needless to say when Dad came in for the next parent-involved function I politely avoided both him and his child...until his son grabbed my hand and said, "Dad...this is Miss Jess, I think she should be my new mom!"

  So...single mothers...or married mothers who dream of Dierks Bentley at night...don't share your thoughts on men with your children, or they just might set you up on a blind date while at school. 

Welcome Back!

Oh my it has been so long since I have put my thoughts into words!  The few of you that read this may be thrilled and irritated that I have decided to take this blog and run this time around!  I've planned enough that I actually have some actual topics to discuss different days of the week!  As a writer this actually helps me organize my thoughts, which are like ten packets of Post-it notes stuck on every inanimate object in the room.
  Some of the "daily specials" that I will be addressing include:
      1.  Wow...did my daughter just say that
      2.  Things that your kids tell their teachers
      3.  How NOT to cook for your family
      4.  How I dropped the ball on my wifely duties this week
      5.  What I was awesome at this week
      6.  People drive me crazy

Of course, there will be many random topics that come up, seeming as how I am about as random as you can get!  I hope you enjoy and PLEASE subscribe to the blog, share it with your friends...spread the word to all of the other modern day super women that you know!  It is so much more fun to write when you know someone is going to read it!

Giddy up!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Music of the Night!

I've always been a music person. I love it! I prefer it to television and find it to be the most satisfying aspect of a film. I have a soundtrack to my life and an odd taste in favorites! Barry Manilow tops the list with his amazingly romantic tunes that all women long to turn into reality! Bing Crosby's low tones and sweet croons remind me of happier times when women were ladies and men were gentlemen. Showing my age, I find Breaking Benjamin, Daughtry, Alice in Chains, Rob Thomas, Matchbox twenty, and Train filling my car on my daily transits through my life and normal routine. I prefer music that either melts my heart, or causes my ass to shake on a dance floor. I also like to pound my fist on the steering wheel and shout at the top of my lungs from time to time! However, there are times when I notice music coming from an origin other than the speakers on my television or stereo. Sometimes the thunder rolls, a heart beats, or the small breaths of my only child can be a melody to my ears and the harmony to my life! Other times, the music does not follow a specific rythem or creatively placed collection of notes. Some times, like tonight, the music is new and exciting, strange and questionable...but still music to my ears!

Ting...Ting...Ting! I had just turned off the shower and could hear the strangest sound breeze through my home, down the hall, invading every room. As I reached for my towel, the pinging noise began to grow anxiously and wildly as the tempo quickened. "What could it be?" was all I could think. I clumsily groped for my robe...knowing that the blinds on my sliding glass doors were pulled open, allowing the neighborhood to gaze into my dining room, the direction of the mysterious noise. I glanced in the playroom, sure that my daughter would still be watching her beloved Veggie Tales videos. Empty! The video rolled, the sound just a whisper compared to the constant "ting" that I continued to hear. Soon the "ting" was accompanied by another melodious and beautiful sound. The sweet giggle of my daughter rang through the air followed by the percussion of her footsteps down the hall and into my arms! "Pretty!" she joyfully exclaimed grabbing my hands and pulling me with all her might! Confused and intriqued I cautiously allowed her to lead me down the hall, where the "tinging" noise had mysteriously stopped. "What could she have gotten into in the two minutes I took to jump in the shower?" I thought. Our home was as child-proof as you could be for the average toddler. However Lexi had never ceased to amaze me in her ability to pick a lock, disarm and alarm, pry open a latch, and put the invention of "child-proof" safety equipment in extinction. As we slowly continued down the hall, I knew that she was the cause of the strange music of the night. The constant "ting...ting...ting ting...ting ting ting ting..ting" had ended the moment she concluded with her grand finale of a squeal! We rounded the corner and I struggled to catch my breath! "Pretty" she muttered again, this time pointing to her creation on the wooden kitchen floor. There I stood at the entrance of a work of art, 1,250 craft beads strewn along the floor. A rainbow of colors and minagerie of shapes lying helplessly in every nook, cranny, and inch of the floor, illuminated by the beaming smile of my proud two year old. The music of the night quickly returned, however not as joyously or mysteriously as before. My bones cracked, my lungs exhaled, and my mouth sighed as I began to bend down to start the job at hand. The sheer disappointment on Lexi's face assured me that the task could wait until she was asleep! I proudly kissed her cheek as she again repeated "pretty" from her beautiful lips!

Needless to say, the beads have been hidden, only to be used under careful adult supervision!